THOTH: The Egyptian God of Knowledge! (devil_hearts) wrote in know_thyself,
THOTH: The Egyptian God of Knowledge!

Mature intelligent friends wanted who will comment...


Let me begin by saying I'm obviously seeking journal friends. I have a NEW JOURNAL and would like mature intelligent friends who will comment.

But first, before you rush off and add me, let me say this:

My journal is different than anything you may have read thus far. Here's a short description of what I'm doing with it.

"This is an educational journal I am now doing. It will explore the many different ideologies and such that I deem of educational understanding and how they have related to me in my life since I was born. I am NOT politically correct nor is it always the mundane bullshit you would like to read. It is MY JOURNAL and therefore I write, because I am by profession an author of published books, what I want. I will challenge the very core of your soul and expect you to accept the challenge. I do expect friends to READ the entries. And, if you would, comment!"

If you are interested, I am by profession an author of nearly 20 published books. I'm mature and don't particularly want anyone who is under 19 years old. I expect intelligent language and not internet jargon. I will extend to you all the courtesy you give to me and vice versa. When I comment on your journal I will always say at least something that is positive. I don't BASH! And don't expect it from you.

With that in mind, please comment and add me.

Have a good day.
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