nancyclaire (nancyclaire) wrote in know_thyself,

my poetic prose for today

Destiny precedes one’s destination

A poetic prose...

still not quite a pure poem!

by: nancyclaire


God gently calls our name

 upon the morn’

While we walk amidst

The dewy grass

That boarders the bed of Our Lady’s roses


What pray tell, do such flowers represent

It is we her children who rely on her maternal protection


All our victories belong to her

Our reigning Queen of Heaven

She is wise and pure

The greatest human

A humble mother


Think then about your own life

Are you only thinking of the ends to justify the means

See how Mary simply said “yes” to God everyday of her life

She was poor, obedient, and because of faith

very brave


Each of us has a unique set of mini missions in life

If is not for us to decide the measure of our God given greatness

Rather, we are truly living when we follow our Lady

Who leads us step by step in the footprints of her son

Whom she knows more perfectly than any of us


Do the day

Let God lead you again tomorrow

Trust in the Lord

Worry not


“Life is a journey, NOT a destination”

(Someone said that...)!

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