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I'm tired of waiting, of wanting, of needing.
I'm tired of refusing to give up.
I'm tired of being tired.
I'm tired of not being enough...good enough, pretty enough, fun enough, smart enough.
Lately I feel like I've almost had enough.

But I will not quit.
I will no longer play by someone elses' rules.
I will make my own.
My rules say it's ok to follow a dream.
My rules say it doesn't matter what I look like.
My rules say I'm not less of a woman because I don't care about fashion, or popularity, or celebrities.
I like my rules better.
So go ahead, keep your scores.  
Judge me as you will.
Rant at me, shun me for not conforming.
Because I won't play with you any more.
I play by my own rules now.
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